b'DuPont and Geocel Expanding FoamsOur range of expanding foams consists of high performance products which can be used across various substrates and applications from general gap-Adhesive Foam filling to improving energy efficiency.3 SIMPLE STEPS.1. SHAKE 3. GO Shake the canSpray beads onto the vigorously for 30substrate. Fix within 4 seconds. minutes of application 2.CLICK and press firmly.Turn can upside down and screw it onto the valve of the PU gun.No mess. No tools.No waiting.DuPont INSTA-STIKMulti-Purpose Adhesive 1.INSTA-STIK is a polyurethane foam which can be used to fix plasterboard, insulation board and most common building substrates quickly and easily. There are no tools or mixing required and no bags of heavy dry wall adhesive. For added flexibility and control, we have added a gun applied version to the range. Quick & easy to use3 to 5 minutes cure timeI ncreases insulation value 2.Lower overall job costs B2 classification for flammabilityOne can will fill approximately 5 (1.2m x 2.4m)plasterboards (15m 2 )Product Code Barcode Size Box Qty6001109/Z02 4019803080672 Straw750ml 12Applied6001111/Z02 0074985009327 Gun750ml 12 3.Applied96 & 97'