b'Trade Mate Trade MateGlazing Seal Frame SealTrade Mate Glazing Seal Silicone Sealant isTrade Mate Frame Seal is a low modulus a silicone rubber sealant for both internalneutral silicone sealant for external sealing and external glazing applications, includingaround door and window frames.the bedding in of glass and sealing between glass and framework. Highly flexibleExcellent adhesionAdheres to timber and PVCuNo primer neededHighly flexibleWeather resistantExcellent adhesionLong service life Will not crack or shrink Weather resistant No primer neededLong service life Product Code Barcode Colour Size Box BoxQtyProduct Code Barcode Colour Size Qty2868512/C05 5011107585258 Clear 310ml 122887436/C05 5011107584831 Clear 310ml 12 2940345/C05 5011107584855 White 310ml 122940353/C05 5011107584862 Brown 310ml 12Trade MateGlazing PuttyTrade Mate Glazing Putty is an acrylicTrade Mateglazing putty developed for glazingAll Weather Sealtimber and metal window frames. I nterior or exterior useTrade Mate All Weather Seal is a high performance, elastomeric sealant thatEasy to applyadheres to most wet and damp surfaces Resistant to sunlight and for emergency repairs and remedial temperature changes sealing. Resistant to rain after 6 hoursRepairs in the wetFlexibleOverpaintableSuperior UV resistanceProduct Code Barcode Colour Size Box QtyCan be painted after 24 hours 8010210/C05 5033383102103 White 310ml 12Product Code Barcode Colour Size Box QtyTrade Mate6001570/C05 5033383015700 Clear 310ml 12Paintable 6001571/C05 5033383015717 White 310ml 12Frame SealTrade Mate Paintable Frame Seal is a hybrid sealant for internal and external sealing applications where overpainting is required. Weather resistant Flexible Excellent adhesion OverpaintableProduct Code Barcode Colour Size Box Qty2904390/C05 5033383043901 White 310ml 1290 & 91'