b'BRUSHESMONARCH ELITEThe Monarch Elite picks up and releases more paint for greater productivity on the job.Its thicker filaments work best with thick coatings like emulsion Designed by UK professionals for the UK market Handcrafted in USA with Global MaterialsRECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH EMULSION PAINTItem Number Size Case UPC Code144234010 1"6 716341023638144234015 1"6 716341023645144234020 2"6 716341023652144234030 3"6 716341023676144234040 4"6 716341023690PRO-EXTRA MONARCHWith longer, thicker filaments, the Pro-Extra Monarch is perfect for use with oil based paints. Thicker filaments hold and lay off more paint than natural bristles Lays off 30% more paint than any other Purdy brush improvingyour productivityHandcrafted in USA with Global MaterialsRECOMMENDED FOR USE WITHOIL BASED PAINTSItem Number Size Case UPC Code144234710 1"6 716341000523144234715 1"6 716341000530144234720 2"6 716341000547144234730 3"6 716341000554Visit purdy.co.uk for more information, help and advice'