b'EMERGENCY ROOF SEALUse Emergency Roof Seal on smaller cracks or holes in flat roofs. Itll immediately seal up the problem, even in heavy rain or under ponding water.Can be used on small shallow cracks Can be applied in wet weather F lexes with the natural movement of the roofCode Size Colour Units/Case32219 1Ltr Black 434887 2.5Ltr Black 2EMERGENCY ROOF REPAIR MASTICEmergency Roof Repair Mastic is ideal if you have large holes in your flat roof. It will fill and bridge larger gaps leaving an immediate watertight repair. Effective immediatelyCan be applied under waterCode Size Colour Units/Case36082 750ml Black 6 EMERGENCY INSTANTREPAIR AEROSOLEmergency Instant Repair Aerosol is ideal when making repairs to leaking gutters and downpipes in hard to reach areas. It can be applied in the rain, and includes a scrim bandage for use with larger cracks and repairs. Effective immediatelyDelivers a water tight sealCode Size Colour Units/Case36083 450g Black 650 & 51'