b'PREPARATIONWALL FILLERSMULTI PURPOSE SizeProductCodeUnits/ CaseThe ultimate, versatile wall filler.READY MIX Repairs plaster, stone, concrete 330gMulti Purpose 3654412 and wood 600g + 50%Multi Purpose 3654512Use inside and out 1.2kg + 50%Multi Purpose 365466 2.2kgMulti Purpose 365476 POWDER500g + 50%Multi Purpose Powder3654812 1kgMulti Purpose Powder365496 Wont shrinkDry in just 2Fills deep2kgMulti Purpose Powder365506or crack hours gaps5 MINUTE MULTI PURPOSE SizeProductCodeUnits/ Lightweight filler; ideal for all Case interior filling. 290ml5 Minute Multi Purpose3656312 600ml5 Minute Multi Purpose365646Reduced weight, no sag formula, fills gaps up to 70mm deep Repairs plaster, stone, concrete and woodTouch dry inPerfect forLeaves a 5 minutes deep crackssmooth & gaps finishQUICK DRYING SizeProductCodeUnits/ CaseIdeal for quick, touch-up repairs.330gQuick Drying3655212Quick drying formula 600gQuick Drying3655312 Ideal for small, last minute,interior repairs Repairs plaster, stone, concreteand wood Fills up to 10mmDry in 30Can be minutes drilled once it driesEXPANDING FOAM FILLER SizeProductCodeUnits/ Case Ideal for large, awkward shaped interior and exterior projects. 300mlExpanding Foam Filler3678012 500mlExpanding Foam Filler3678112Easy to cut or sand Can be overpainted For interior and exterior useDry in 1 hour Wont shrinkRepairs any or crack size holeVisit ronseal.com for more information, help and advice'