b'JOINT & PUTTYKNIVESOur robust joint and putty knives contain a high-quality, full-length, 420 stainless steel blade. This grade of steel was chosen for its high strength and rust-resistance.FLEX JOINT KNIVESItem Number Description Case UPC Code14A900015 Putty Knife Flex 1.5" 5 716341008024Stainless Steel14A900020 Putty Knife Flex 2" 5 716341008048Stainless Steel14A900030 Joint Knife 3"5 716341008147Stainless Steel14A900040 Joint Knife 4" 5 716341008154Stainless Steel14A900060 Joint Knife 6" 5 716341008161Stainless SteelSTIFF PUTTY KNIVESItem Number Description Case UPC Code14A900115 Purdy Premium 1.5" 5 716341008031Stiff Putty Knife14A900025 Purdy Premium 2" 5 716341008086Stiff Putty Knife14A900130 Purdy Premium 3" 5 716341008123Stiff Putty Knife72 & 73'