b'GARDENSHED & FENCE TREATMENTSFENCE LIFE PLUS + SizeColourCodeUnits/ 5 Year protection for both rough sawn Case and smooth planed sheds and fences. 5LMidnight Blue386401 For rough sawn and smooth planed wood 5LTeal386421 5LCharcoal Grey383941All weather protection 5LWarm Stone383961UV protection for longer lasting colour 5LCountry Oak376211100% showerproof in 1 hour 5LMedium Oak376221Brush or spray apply 5LDark Oak376231 5LRed Cedar376241 5LForest Green376251 5LWillow376261 Can be appliedUVCompletely5LSage376271 to damp or dryProtection dry in 4 hourswood 5LCornflower376281 5LSlate376291 5LTudor Black Oak376301 5LHarvest Gold376311 9LMidnight Blue 386411 9LCharcoal Grey383951 9LWarm Stone383971 9LCountry Oak376321 9LMedium Oak376331 9LDark Oak376341 9LRed Cedar376351 9LForest Green376361 9LWillow376371 9LSage376381 9LCornflower376391 9LSlate376401 9LTudor Black Oak376411 9LHarvest Gold376421 ONE COAT FENCE LIFE SizeColourCodeUnits/ One Coat Fence Life gives colour andCase protection to rough sawn sheds and 5LCharcoal Grey388761 fences in just one coat. 5LDark Oak382881For rough sawn wood5LMedium Oak382891All weather protection 5LRed Cedar382901 5LForest Green382911New improved colour 5LHarvest Gold382921Brush or spray apply 5LTudor Black Oak382931 9LDark Oak382941 9LMedium Oak382951 9LRed Cedar382961Only need ShowerproofProtects your9LForest Green382971 1 coat in 1 hour wood from greying 9LHarvest Gold382981 9LTudor Black Oak382991 Visit ronseal.com for more information, help and advice'