b'ROOFING / FLOORINGEMERGENCY LEAK FIX Quickly and easily repair leaking gutters and damage to doors and windows with Emergency Leak Fix. Its flexibility means that it wont crack or peel, ensuring a long lasting emergency repair. Apply direct onto damp surfaces OverpaintableCode Size Colour Units/Case34031 310ml Clear 6FLOORING ONE COAT CONCRETE SEALGarage floors take a battering from oil, fuel and car tyres. One Coat Concrete Seal will seal and stabilise concrete floors and pathways, ready for cars to drive on in just 4 hours.Stops concrete from dusting Repels oil & fuel stains T ouch dry in 1 hourCode Size Colour Units/Case35275 5Ltr Clear 2Visit thomVpissiot tnhompsweasonthesrwpreoaothfienrgpr.cooof.inukg .fcoor. ukm oforerminoforrem inaftoiormn,a hteiolpn ,a hnedlp a danvidc eadvice'