b"WHITE DOVE JUMBO MINIKITSHigh quality Jumbo Mini Roller kits give Professionals everything they need to get the job done.Kits include: Disposable tray Jumbo Mini Roller Frame White Dove 3/8 Nap 2 Pack Item Number Tray Size Nap Size Case UPC Code14C810610 4.5 3/8'' 6 71634140508314C810710 6.5 3/8'' 6 716341404901WHITE DOVE MINI ROLLERSYSTEMLeaves a smooth finish to small, intricate areas.Includes a 13 frame and a White Dove Mini roller sleeve Compatible with our Powerlock Extension PoleErgonomic handle for your comfortItem Number Sleeve Size Frame Size Case UPC Code14A743013 4 x 3/8 13 6 716341401795WHITE DOVE MINI SLEEVES - 2 PACKItem Number Size Case UPC Code140606042 4 x 3/8 6 716341401801140606044 4 x 1/2 6 716341401818Visit purdy.co.uk for more information, help and advice"