b'RENOVATION PAINTSSTAYS WHITE SizeColourCodeUnits/ RADIATOR PAINT Case 250mlBrilliant White Gloss 375056 Our Stays White Radiator Paint protects250mlBrilliant White Satin 375076 your radiators and keeps them looking250mlBrilliant White Matt 375096 great. It only needs one coat, and itllstays white. 750mlBrilliant White Gloss 375043Heat resistant & stays white 750mlBrilliant White Satin 375063 750mlBrilliant White Matt 375083 Touch dry in 30 minutesQUICK DRYING RADIATOR PAINT AEROSOL*400mlBrilliant White Gloss350926 400mlBrilliant White Satin350936 Resists scuffs &Heat resistantTouch dry in scratches & stays white 30 minutesDIAMOND HARD SizeColourCodeUnits/ Case FLOOR PAINT750mlWhite357493 We know floors have to stand up to a lot.750mlTile Red357503 So weve made sure this paint is tough.750mlSlate357513 Thats why its called Diamond Hard. 750mlBlack366273Protects against scuffs, spills & scratches 750mlAnthracite368983Tough & durable 2.5LWhite357531No primer or lacquer needed 2.5LTile Red357541 2.5LSlate357561 2.5LBlack366281 2.5LAnthracite368991 5LSlate361091ProtectsTough &No primer againstdurable or lacquer scuffs, spillsneeded& scratchesDIAMOND HARD SizeColourCodeUnits/ GARAGE FLOOR PAINT Case Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint is out2.5LSlate357611 toughest paint. It stands up leaks and2.5LTile Red357621 spills, leaving a finish thats hard enough2.5LSteel Blue361101to drive on. 2.5LBlack382601 Stands up to oil, water & grease stains 5LSlate357631Recoat after 4 hours 5LTile Red357641 5LSteel Blue361111 Stands up toResists scuffsTough & oil, water && scratches durablegrease stainsONE COAT SizeColourCodeUnits/ BLACKBOARD PAINT Case Our One Coat Blackboard Paint is easy250mlBlack352276 to wipe clean, quick drying, tough & durable. Ideal to create new or rejuvenate existing blackboardsIdeal toLong lastingCan be drawn create newfinish on afteror rejuvenate1 hourexisting blackboards38 & 39'