b'COLRONSizeColourCodeUnits/ Case 14mlLiquid Scratch Cover 086976Light14mlLiquid Scratch Cover 086986Medium14mlLiquid Scratch Cover 086996Dark 75mlRing Remover0713012 125mlKnotting Solution321043 250mlFrench Polish321973 250mlWood Reviver025816 PREPARATION AND300mlWax Polish304236 REPAIR PRODUCTS 500mlWax Remover025806Traditional craftsmans products500mlFurniture Stripper038776for the preparation and repair ofPackWax Sticks349586 valued Interior wood. PackFurniture Care Cloth3466320 The Colron Refined range gives a beautiful natural finish that enhances, protects and nourishes valued wood.For more information about any of our Colron Refined products, please visit colron.co.uk/products/colron-refined-rangeWOOD DYE SizeColourCodeUnits/ A superior blend of high quality pigmentsCase which penetrate deep, to provide long lasting250mlGeorgian Medium Oak368886 colour highlighting the natural beauty of the250mlAntique Pine368896 wood. For use on interior wood. 250mlEnglish Light Oak368906 250mlJacobean Dark Oak368916 250mlDeep Mahogany368926 250mlIndian Rosewood368936 250mlAmerican Walnut368956 500mlGeorgian Medium Oak353186 500mlJacobean Dark Oak353216 500mlEnglish Light Oak353206 500mlIndian Rosewood353236 INTERIOR LACQUER SizeColourCodeUnits/ The clear lacquer enhances, enriches andCase protects the appearance of wood treated750mlClear Satin353136 with Colron wood dye. Its clear non yellowing finish, preserves the deep colour the wood dyes adds.ANTIQUE OIL SizeColourCodeUnits/ The high quality blend of resins and Case oils provide a durable coating for long 500mlClear362146 lasting protection. 12 & 13'