b"BRUSHESPRO-EXTRASYNTOXMONARCH Finest filaments Longer, thickerwill leave a mirror SPRIG filaments arelike finish when Its thinner filamentsperfect for use withworking with gives you a smootheroil based paints varnishes & stainsfinish with water based trim paintsMONARCH DALEELITE Square edge ferruleCUBPicks up & releasesgives you completeOur versatile short handled more paint forcontrol & accuracybrush. Flagged filaments for greater productivitywhen you need it increased paint pick-up and on the job the mostprofessional quality finishEVERY PURDYBRUSH.Proven Performance -Purdy Synthetic lament brushesmet or exceeded the expectationsof members and are the onlybrushes exclusively approved by thePainting & Decorating Association.Includes ChinexSelf flagsNo filamentlossDelivers greatRetains it's shape Exclusively filaments asthroughout the lifeguarantee results with waterfor longer approved by PDAstandard of the brush and oilbased paints56 & 57"