b'BRUSHESDALEWith its square edge ferrule, the Dale gives you complete control and accuracy when you need it most.Angled brush for a more precise finish around window and door framesRattail handle is ideal for hard to reach areas Handcrafted in USA withGlobal Materials RECOMMENDEDFOR USE ONDETAILED TRIMItem Number Size Case UPC Code144080510 1"6 716341403294144080515 1"6 716341403300144080520 2"6 716341403317CUBOur versatile short handled brush. Flagged filaments for increased paint pick-up and professional quality finish.Light weight short handle for intricate work, ideal for getting in to tight spots Distinct copper, round edge ferrule Angled brush for more precise finish Handcrafted in USA with Global MaterialsItem Number Size Case UPC Code144153320 2"6 716341352073COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PAINTS AND STAINSVisit purdy.co.uk for more information, help and advice'