b'WALL FILLERSHAIRLINE CRACK SizeProductCodeUnits/ Provides an invisible repair toCasehairline cracks. 330gHairline Crack3655512 Developed specifically for small cracks Contains fine particle size ingredients Fills cracks up to 5mm wide Ready to decorate in 1-2 hoursPaint over in Perfect forWont shrink 1-2 hours hair lineor crackcracksBIG HOLE SizeProductCodeUnits/ Case Fills deep holes in one application.1.2LBig Hole365586Ideal for large interior holesand deep gaps No sagging, can be drilled,screwed or nailedDrys in SmoothFills deep 1-2 hours applicationgaps and no sandingcracksneededSUPER FLEXIBLE SizeProductCodeUnits/ Case Crack-free, flexible repairs between two surfaces. 330gSuper Flexible3655912 300mlSuper Flexible3656012Ideal for interior door frames and skirting boards Flexes and stretches where movement occurs Fills gaps up to 6mm wideCan beWont shrinkPaintable sanded or crack after 1 hourEXTERIOR MULTI PURPOSE SizeProductCodeUnits/ Case Water resistantweatherproof formula for all exterior repairs. 330gExterior Ready Mix3656112 1.2kgExterior Ready Mix365626Repairs masonry, concrete or brickwork Tough, durable, weatherproof formulaDry in 1-2Damp andFills deep hours moisturegaps & resistant cracks8 & 9'