b'WOOD FILLERSSizeColourCodeUnits/ Case HIGH PERFORMANCE WOOD FILLER275gNatural353026 275gWhite353036 275gDark363836 550gNatural353046 550gWhite353056 550gDark363846 1kgNatural322873 HIGH PERFORMANCE WOOD FILLER 1kgWhite366603 A unique two part system used to repair and cure wet rot and 3.7kgNatural360582 prevent recurrence. Major damage or holes in wood can be 3.7kgWhite382392 repaired using the filler alone.30gCatalyst3610420Fill to any depth WET ROT WOOD HARDENER Use inside and out 250mlClear320413Can be drilled, screwed or planed 500mlClear320423 Wont shrinkCan beDry in 30 or crack stained,minutespainted & varnished10 & 11'