b'PERFORMANCE PAINTSDIAMOND HARD SizeColourCodeUnits/ DOORSTEP PAINT Case Our Diamond Hard Doorstep Paint250mlTile Red366586 is tough; so itll stay put and look250mlBlack366596 good for longer. 750mlTile Red354043 750mlBlack362573Tough & durable Walk on after 4-6 hoursSlip resistant Tough &Walk on after durable 4-6 hoursuPVC PAINT SizeColourCodeUnits/ Revamp your uPVC windows andCase doors with our long lasting, durable750mlSage Satin393893formula. Ronseals uPVC paint is750mlRoyal Blue Satin393903ready to withstand whatever the750mlAnthracite Satin393913weather throws at it.750mlWhite Satin393923 Flexible to prevent cracking750mlBlack Satin393933 10 Year Protection 2.5LWhite Satin393941 Waterproofin 1 hour 2.5LBlack Satin3939512.5LAnthracite Satin394011ResistsMould & stainNo primer cracking &resistant neededflakinguPVC CLEANER SizeColourCodeUnits/ If your uPVC windows or doors areCase looking a bit dull or dirty, then our750mlUpvc Cleaner3939610cleaner is exactly what you need! It removes dirt, grease & stains and revives surfaces effected by mould or algae. You can use it as a day to day cleaner or before painting your doors and windows. Cleans and refreshes windows and doors quick and easily Revives surfaces effected by mould or algae Can be used as a day to day cleanerRemoves dirtCleans andRevives and stains refreshessurfaces windows andeffected by doors quickmould or algaeand easilyVisit ronseal.com for more information, help and advice'