b'SPRIGWith its thinner filaments, the Sprig is an ideal brush when working with water based trim paint.Creates less drag when laying off Quick and easy clean up Handcrafted in USA with Global MaterialsRECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH WATER BASED TRIM PAINTItem Number Size Case UPC Code144380515 1"6 716341404246144380520 2"6 716341404253144380525 2"6 716341403966144380530 3"6 716341403331SYNTOXOur woodcare brush is made with the finest filaments, to leave a beautiful, mirror like finish when working with varnishes & stains.Simulates natural ox hair, making the Syntox 50% softer than any other Purdy brush Available with straight or angled bristlesHandcrafted in USA with Global MaterialsSYNTOX ANGLEDItem Number Size Case UPC Code144403620 2" 6 716341000226 RECOMMENDED SYNTOX FLAT FOR USE WITH VARNISHES & Item Number Size Case UPC Code WOODSTAINS145402620 2" 6 716341000257145402625 2"6 71634100026458 & 59'