b'WOODCAREINTERIOR VARNISHULTRA TOUGH VARNISH SizeColourHardSatinMattUnits/ Ultra tough polyurethane clear GlazeCoatCoatCase varnish, protects and highlights 250mlClear0900809009090106 the true beauty of wood. 750mlClear0905409055090566Extremely tough and durable 2.5LClear3476234761347632Heat, water and scratch resistantBrings outToughRecoat inthe naturalpolyurethane6 hoursbeauty ofprotectionwoodINTERIOR FINISHESINTERIOR WAX SizeColourCodeUnits/ Our Interior Wax protects like a varnishCase against knocks, scuffs and scratches. 750mlNatural368793 The difference is in the finish, leaving 750ml White Ash368853 wood feeling and looking natural. 750mlAntique Pine368823Its easy to use 750mlMedium Oak368803Dries in just 20 minutes 750mlDark Oak368813 Diamond hard protectionDiamondDry in 20Apply with hardminutes brush for protection less messANTI-BACTERIAL SizeColourCodeUnits/ WORKTOP OIL Case Ronseal Anti-Bacterial Worktop Oil with500mlClear362236 silver guard technology harnesses the 1LClear362243 anti-bacterial qualities of silver in aformulation ideal for enhancing andmaintaining hardwood worktops.Protects the woods surface fromwater damageStops E ColiNourishesWater & MRSAwood toresistantgrowth prevent from crackingVisit ronseal.com for more information, help and advice'