b'Geocel Aquaria Silicone SealantGeocel Aquaria is a one part silicone sealant. Ideal for building small domestic glass aquaria, repairing cracks and sealing connections inside or outside the tank. One component, easy to apply and toolExcellent adhesion to glassHigh modulus F ast tack free and cure time S afe for fish when fully cured Cures to form a permanently flexiblewatertight sealProduct Code Barcode Colour Size Box Qty2939207/C05 5033383392078 Clear 310ml 12GeocelAnchor ResinGeochem Anchor Resin is a rapid curing one shot two-part chemical anchoring cartridge system, applied in one single action to produce a cost effective, tough, chemical resistant fixing. It is suitable for fixing wall ties, starter bars, studs, bolts or large screws in a wide range of substrates including brickwork, concrete, masonry, stone and PFA blocks.Rapid CureSets bolts, studs and anchor platesSuitable for use in solid and hollow material applicationsProduct Code Barcode Colour Size Box Qty6006435/CO4 5033383064357Grey 300ml 12106 & 107'