b'INTERIOR PAINTSSTAYS WHITE ULTRA SizeColourGlossSatinMattUnits/ TOUGH PAINT Case Our Stays White Ultra Tough Paint gives750ml White3752237524375263 your wood the ultimate protection2.5LWhite3752337525375271 against knocks and scrapes.Resists scuffs & scratchesTough & durable Touch dry in 30 minutesResists scuffs Tough &Touch dry in & scratches durable30 minutesSTAYS WHITE 2 IN 1 SizeColourGlossSatinMattUnits/ PRIMER & PAINT Case Our Stays White 2 in 1 Primer & Paint is750ml White3751037512375143 our easiest product to use on bare wood.2.5LWhite3751137513375151 We know no one enjoys the preparation bit but primers help your paint stick and last longer. 10 Year Stays White Guarantee Helps paint stick & last longer No primer needed10 yearHelps paintNo primer Stays Whitestick & lastneededguarantee longerSTAYS WHITE ONE COATSizeColourGlossSatinMattUnits/ NON DRIP PAINT Case Our Stays White One Coat Non Drip Paint750ml White3751637518375203 is great if youve not got much time. Just2.5LWhite3751737519375211 one coat will give you a great finish. 10 years Stays White Guarantee Touch dry in 1-2 hours Tough & durable10 yearTough &Touch dry in Stays Whitedurable 1-2 hoursguarantee36 & 37'