b'PERFORMANCE PAINTSPROBLEM SOLVERSEach product within our Problem Solver range tackles a difficult task quickly, easily and effectively. From mould to damp, get results that last.ONE COAT DAMP SEAL SizeColourCodeUnits/ Our One Coat Damp Seal permanentlyCase blocks damp stains on walls and ceilings.250mlWhite375626 You can even put it onto damp walls. 750mlWhite375633Can be applied to damp surfaces 2.5LWhite369582Prevents paint from flaking & peeling QUICK DRYING DAMP SEAL AEROSOL*400mlWhite Matt369596 Can be PermanentlyPrevents paint applied toblocks dampfrom flaking & damp surfaces stains peelingANTI CONDENSATION PAINT SizeColourFinishCodeUnits/ Condensation leads to mould and canCase damage your walls. Our Anti Condensation750mlWhiteMatt374763 Paint adds a layer of insulation to help2.5LWhite Matt374751 permanently fix the problem. Insulates to help stop condensation Tough, scrubbable finishUse as a topcoat or paint over itInsulates toTough,Helps prevent help stopscrubbablethe cause of condensation finish mould6 YEAR ANTI MOULD PAINT SizeColourCodeUnits/ Our Anti Mould Paint is great forCase kitchens, bathrooms, basements or any6 YEAR ANTI MOULD PAINTroom where mould can be a problem. 750mlWhite Matt366233Paint stays mould free 750mlWhite Silk366253Moisture & steam resistant 2.5LWhite Matt366241 Tough, scrubbable finish 2.5LWhite Silk3662616 YEAR ANTI MOULD PAINT AEROSOL *400mlWhite Matt374816 Paint staysMoistureTough, mould free & steamscrubbable resistant finishVisit ronseal.com for more information, help and advice'