b'PROBLEM SOLVERS3-IN-1 MOULD KILLER SizeDescriptionCodeUnits/ Our 3 in 1 Mould Killer breaks down mouldCase and removes it from paint work. MOULD KILLER TRIGGER SPRAY Kills & protects against mould 500ml369626Can be applied directly to paint MOULD KILLER BOTTLE Cleans off mould easily 500ml369636 Cleans offKills & protectsCan be applied mould easily against mould directly to paintONE COAT STAIN BLOCK SizeColourCodeUnits/ Our One Coat Stain Block permanentlyCase stops stains showing through your paint.ONE COAT STAIN BLOCKIt blocks just about anything. 750ml White373013Covers tough stains like crayon, nicotine,2.5L White369611pen, wine, grease, lipstick & tea QUICK DRYING STAIN BLOCK AEROSOL * Quick & easy to apply 400mlWhite Matt351036 PermanentlyCovers toughQuick & easy blocks stainsstains to applyin one coat3-IN-1 BASECOAT SizeColourCodeUnits/ Our 3-in-1 Basecoat covers hairlineCase cracks, bold colours and seals new2.5LWhite393991plaster in just one coat. 5LWhite394001 Easy to applyHigh coverage Smooth and durable finishCovers ObliteratesSeals new hairline cracks bold colours plaster prior to painting34 & 35'