b'ROLLER FRAMES & SLEEVES / JUMBO MINI RANGEJUMBO MINI RANGEOur Jumbo Mini Roller Sleeves offer versatility to a variety of surfaces from laying off emulsion on walls to quickly painting trim. Theyre the ideal partner with our Revolution Jumbo Mini Roller Frame and have the same quality and production levels as their larger counterpart sleeves.REVOLUTION1-2 FOOT JUMBO MINIPOWERLOCK FRAME EXTENSION POLEOffers versatility for a Use with the variety of jobs. Jumbo Mini FrameCOLOSSUS JUMBO MINISPEEDPARROT Greater pick up & release JUMBO MINI for increased productivity.FINISHPerfect for trim on either wood or metal and leaves a glass like finish every time.MARATHONWHITE DOVE JUMBO MINI JUMBO MINIPERFORMANCE FINISHOur most versatileLeaves a perfectly smooth, roller sleeve, maintainslint free finish. Ideal for performance over time. kitchens & bathrooms.Visit purdy.co.uk for more information, help and advice'