b'GARDENDECKCAREULTIMATE PROTECTIONSizeColourCodeUnits/ DECKING OIL Case Ultimate Protection Decking Oil nourishes2.5LDark Oak369382 the wood and gives it a beautiful natural2.5LNatural369332 finish. The big difference between this and2.5LNatural Cedar369342 a standard oil is its toughness against2.5LNatural Oak369352 wear and tear. 2.5LNatural Pine 369362 Restores wood oils lost through weathering 2.5LTeak369392Keeps its colour for longer 5LDark Oak372952 5LNatural372972 5LNatural Cedar372982 5LNatural Oak3729925L Natural Pine373002UV protection WaterRainproof inprotection 90 minutes 5LTeak372962 ULTIMATE PROTECTIONSizeColourCodeUnits/ DECKING STAIN CaseUltimate Protection Decking Stain is the2.5LCountry Oak391101 best choice if youre looking for a long2.5LMedium Oak391141 lasting finish. It protects longer against2.5LDark Oak391121 harsh weather. 2.5LRich Teak391191Stops wood from greying and splitting 2.5LCedar391061 2.5LRich Mahogany391171It soaks into the wood so it lasts longer 2.5LStone Grey391211 2.5LCharcoal391081 2.5LSlate391221 2.5LWalnut391041Stays toughSlip Rainproof in2.5LSage392211throughresistant 90 minuteswinter 2.5LWillow3922315LCountry Oak391111 5LMedium Oak3911515LDark Oak391131 5LRich Teak391201 5LCedar391071 5LRich Mahogany391181 5LWalnut391051 5LSage3922215LWillow3922415LCharcoal 391091 5LSlate 391231Visit ronseal.com for more information, help and advice'