b'ROOFINGOur Isoflex range is our most advanced roofing range, offering up to 5 x more flexibility than standard bitumen coatings, for a long lasting repair. SOFLEX SPECIAL PRIMERIIsoflex Special Primer increases adhesion to the roofing surface, making it the perfect base for Isoflex Liquid Rubber. Prepares dusty and flaky roofs Ideal for old roofing felt, tiles & bricksCode Size Colour Units/Case32997 750ml Clear 3 SOFLEX LIQUID RUBBERIIsoflex Liquid Rubber is 5 x more flexible than traditional bitumen coatings, providing up to 20 years of weatherproofing protection. Its tough, durable finish will not crack or peel and can be used on virtually all roofing surfaces, so its no wonder its the Professionals choice when making roof repairs. 5 x more flexible than traditional bitumen paint Flexes with the natural movement of the roofCode Size Colour Units/Case32998 750ml Black 334894 2.1Ltr Black 234892 4.25Ltr Black 2 SOFLEX CLEAN-UP FLUIDIIsoflex Clean-Up Fluid is ideal for cleaning up drips and splashes around the repaired area when using Isoflex Liquid Rubber Can be used to clean all brushes and equipmentCode Size Colour Units/Case06717 500ml Clear 648 & 49'