b'ROOFING10 YEAR ROOF SEAL Flat roofs take a battering from the elements. Maintain and protect them for a decade with our 10 Year Roof Seal.Flexes with roofs natural movementRainproof in 6 hoursApply direct onto damp surfacesProtects against the suns UV raysAvailable in Black or GreyCode Size Colour Units/Case30142 1Ltr Black 430143 1Ltr Grey 430144 2.5Ltr Black 130145 2.5Ltr Grey 130146 4Ltr Black 130147 4Ltr Grey 1ONE COAT ROOF SEALOur One Coat Roof Seal is developed to give lasting weatherproofing protection to a wide variety of roofing materials in a single coat. Flexes with roofs natural movement Apply direct onto damp surfaces Rainproof immediatelyCode Size Colour Units/Case34750 5Ltr Black 2 ROOF & GUTTER SEALANTOur Roof & Gutter Sealant outperforms traditional bitumen based sealants for atough, long lasting repair to roofs and all types of guttering. Resists cracking & flaking Suitable for Metal & Plastic guttering F lexes with the natural movement of the roofCode Size Colour Units/Case34030 310ml Black 6Visit thomVpissiot tnhompsweasonthesrwpreoaothfienrgpr.cooof.inukg .fcoor. ukm oforerminfoorrem inaftoiornm,a hteiolpn ,a hnedlp a danvidc eadvice'