b'DECKING PREPDECKING RESTORER SizeColourCodeUnits/ Brings tired, grey decking back to life. Case 2.5LClear357671Brightens the woodWorks in justQuick andSafe for plants 15 minutes easy to apply and grassDECKING END SizeColourCodeUnits/ GRAIN PROTECTOR Case Protects the cut ends of decking to keep750mlN/A373346 the wood strong. Protects from water damagethat can lead to decay Great for new cut ends Can be over coated with our stains or oilsPrevents waterRainproof inGreat fordamage 90 minutes new cut endsDECKING CLEANERSizeColourCodeUnits/ & REVIVER Case Prepares new wood and keeps your5LN/A359032 deck clean. Can be used over stains and oilsRevivesRemovesPrepares you weatheredmoss, moulddecking for decking & algae new coatingsDECKING STRIPPER SizeColourCodeUnits/ Strips stains and oils off old decks. Case 2.5LN/A372642Easy to use Works in just 30 minutesMakes decksOnly needsWorks in justlook like new one coat 30 minutes24 & 25'