b'DOWSILDOWSIL 798+ ColdDOWSIL 796 PVCu and Clean RoomSealantSealantExternal weatherproong PVCu, Bacteria-resistant neutral silicone wood and aluminium neutral siliconeA one part, bacteria resistant siliconespecifically developed for use in cold and cleanA one-part, framing and glazing silicone that room environments and has excellent adhesionprovides excellent adhesion to PVCu along with to PVC and sensitive metals such as copper. glazing systems, masonry and brickwork.Safe for intermittent food contactHighly flexibleContains a fungicideresistant toFast cure - tack free in 35 minutesmildew and mould growth10 minutes working timeConforms to ISO 11600-F&G-25LM &Joint movement capability +/- 25%ISO 22196:2007Application temperature range J oint movement capability +/ 25% +5 to 40CApplication temperature range +5 to +40CNil slump Conforms to ISO 11600-F&G-25LMProduct Code Barcode Colour Size Box Qty3307271/C05 5413278257284 White 310ml 12 Product Code Barcode Colour Size Box Qty3279677/C05 5413278248916 White 310ml 12DOWSIL3308626/C05 5413278256874 Brown 310ml 12791 External3308642/C055413278256881 Bronze 310ml 12Weatherproong 3320308/C055413278265654 Grey 310ml 123320316/C05 5413278265661 Black 310ml 12External weatherproong 4001876/C05 5413278272768 Anthrazite 310ml 12neutral siliconeA one part, versatile weatherproofing silicone that is used for both commercial and domestic applications and provides excellent adhesion to most exterior substrates.Excellent weathering characteristics, including resistance to ozone, UV radiation and temperature extremes20-30 minutes working timeFast cure - tack free in 30 minutesConforms to ISO 11600-25LM and also meets ISO specication 9047 class 50 Highly flexible Joint movement capacity +/- 50%Application temperature range -25 to +50CProduct Code Barcode Colour Size Box Qty4024907/C055413278323354 Black 310ml 124024908/C05 5413278323361 Brown 310ml 124024909/C055413278323378 Grey 310ml 124024910/C055413278323385 Limestone 310ml 124024911/C055413278323392 Stone 310ml 124024912/C055413278323408 White 310ml 124024913/C055413278323514 Bronze 310ml 124024914/C055413278323521 Buff 310ml 124028426/C055413278328922 Anthracite 310ml 124028427/C055413278425386 Translucent 310ml 124024918/S045413278324337 Black 600ml 20Visit geocel.co.uk for more information, help and advice'