b'FLOORINGDIAMOND HARD SizeColourGlossSatinMattUnits/ FLOOR VARNISHCase Tough protection from shoes, scratches 2.5LClear3258232583375391 and spills. 2.5LMedium Oak334261Dries in just 30 minutes 2.5LAntique Pine334291Gives you a natural finish that shows off the2.5LLight Oak334301 grain of the wood 2.5LDark Oak349911 2.5LWalnut359481 2.5LWhite Ash368971 2.5LEbony394161NonDiamondReady to2.5LGraphite394171yellowinghardrecoat informula protection 2 hours 5LClear3360733608375401 DIAMOND HARD SizeColourGlossSatinMattUnits/ MELLOW FLOOR VARNISHCase The ultimate protection for wooden floors. 2.5LClear36521365231Ideal for floors subject to heavy wear. 5LClear36522365241Extremely tough and durable Rich mellow finish Quick drying Solvent-based formulationLAMINATE FLOOR SEAL SizeColour Satin MattUnits/ Restore the shine back to your laminateCase flooring and protect it from daily wear and750mlClear 373536 tear. Quick and easy to use, your floor will look good as new in no time at all.No need toDry in one add water hour16 & 17'