b'CONSTRUCTION & SPECIALISTGeocel Silicone Geocel Marine Bath & Kitchen Seal Silicone Rubber SealantSilicone Bath & Kitchen Seal is a one component flexible silicone sealant productGeocel Marine is a silicone rubber sealant that gives excellent adhesion to most non- that fills and caulks gaps, joints and cracks porous surfaces. around the boat.Contains a fungicide to resist One component, easy to apply and toolmould growthExcellent adhesion to glassGives a water resistant seal High modulusFlexible - will withstand signicantFast tack free and cure timemovement Safe for fish when fully curedCures to form a permanently flexible watertight sealProduct Code Barcode Colour Size Box QtyProduct Code Barcode Colour Size Box2939185/C055011107571138 Clear 310ml 12Qty2939193/C055011107571145 White 310ml 122939223/C05 5011107572098 White 310ml 6 2939215/C05 5011107571176 Black 310ml 122939231/C05 5011107572104 Clear 310ml 62939240/C05 5413278161727 Soft310ml 6Cream2939258/C05 5011107572142 Ivory 310ml 6Visit geocel.co.uk for more information, help and advice'