b'EXTERIOR PRIMERS10 YEAR SUPERFLEXIBLESizeColourCodeUnits/ PRIMER & UNDERCOAT Case Our Superflexible Primer & Undercoat750mlWhite364663 helps paint stick and cover bold colours.750mlGrey364673 Its flexible, so when rain, snow, sun or frost make your wood swell, your paint wont crack, peel or blister. Preps outdoor wood and makes paint last longerFlexes to stop cracking & peeling Blocks hardwood resinsPreps outdoorFlexes to stopBlocks wood & makescracking &hardwood paint lastpeeling resinslongerALL SURFACE PRIMER SizeColourCodeUnits/ & UNDERCOATEXTERIOR Case Our Exterior All Surface Primer &750mlWhite375593 Undercoat can be used on just about any bare or painted outdoor surface. Helps paint stick to difficult surfacesPreps bare orHelps paintApply top painted surfacesstick & lastcoat afterin one coat longer 2 hoursEXTERIOR PAINTS10 YEAR SizeColourGlossSatinUnits/ WEATHERPROOFCase 750mlBlack38772387863 WOOD PAINT 750mlWhite38773387873 You never need to use a primer750mlDark Oak387743 with this paint, not even on bare750mlChestnut387753 wood. Its drip resistant and wont750mlRoyal Red387763 crack, peel or blister for 10 Years750mlRoyal Blue38777393973 guaranteed. 750mlRacing Green387783Resists cracking & flaking 750mlMidnight Blue387883No primer needed 750mlGrey387893 750mlSpring Green387903 750mlGrey Stone387913 750mlDuck Egg387923750mlSage393983 2.5LBlack38781387941 ResistsRainproof inNo primer cracking &1 hour needed 2.5LWhite38782387951 flaking 2.5LGrey38796140 & 41'