b'PREPARATIONMULTI PURPOSE WOOD FILLERSSizeColourCodeUnits/ Case MULTI PURPOSE WOOD FILLER TUB250gNatural347356 250gOak375296 250gLight347366 250gMedium347376 250gDark347386 250gWhite347396 465gNatural347456 465gOak375306 465gLight347466 465gMedium347476 465gDark347486 465gWhite347496 930gNatural320393 MULTI PURPOSE WOOD FILLER TUBEMULTI PURPOSE WOOD FILLER 100g Natural 33635 6A wood filler developed to repair almost any damageor100gOak375316 imperfections in wood. Its easy to use and can be used straight100g Light336366from the pack, giving professional, tough, long lasting repairs.100g Medium 33637 6 Perfect colour match 100g Dark 336386 Resists shrinking and cracking 100g White336396Use inside and out 325gNatural347406 325gOak375326 325gLight347416 325gMedium347426325gDark347436 Dry in 1-2Stain,Can be hours varnish &drilled,325gWhite347446 paint over screwed & nailedMULTI PURPOSE WOOD FILLER CARTRIDGE310ml Natural333656 310ml Oak375336 310mlLight333666 310mlMedium333676 310mlDark333686 310mlWhite333696Visit ronseal.com for more information, help and advice'