b'GARDEN FURNITURE PREPGARDEN FURNITURE STRIPPER SizeColourCodeUnits/ Strips away stains, oils and garden paints. Case 750mlClear373606Makes garden furniture look like newWorks in Brush on,Works with 30 minutes scrub off 1 coatHARDWOOD GARDENSizeColourCodeUnits/ FURNITURE RESTORER Case Gives grey weathered wood a new lease 1LClear373593 of life. Easy to use gel formula Brush on and scrub offWorks in Restores woodPet and 15 minutes back to naturalplant colour friendlyGARDEN FURNITURE SizeColourCodeUnits/ CLEANER Case Cleans and refreshes hardwood750mlN/A3512810 garden furniture. Removes dirt and stains Wont damage the wood Perfect as a regular cleanerRemovesCleans most mould, moss furniture& algaeGARDEN CLEANER SizeColourCodeUnits/ Ronseal Garden Cleaner is a fast actingCase cleaner which cuts through dirt, mould and5LN/A375561algae on almost all garden surfaces including decking. Refreshes patios, paving and deckingRemovesNo scrubbingWorks inmould, moss required 15 minutes& algae28 & 29'