b'DOWSIL DOWSIL785N Neutral Sanitary SiliconeDOWSIL 781Fast turnaround for domestic Multi-Use Sealantand commercial sanitary Acetoxy silicone sealant projectsA one part silicone which offers fast cure andCan be used where metal substrates are excellent adhesion to most surfaces includingpresent such as commercial kitchens. Can aluminium, glass and painted surfaces. be used on surfaces* such as stone, marble and granite.Fast cure - tack free in 30 minutesNeutral cure, low odour Working time of 5-10 minutesJoint movement capability +/- 50%Joint movement capability +/- 20%Fast cure timeApplication Temperature RangeMould and mildew resistant+5 to +40CNon-corrosive to metal100% recoveryMatt finish Conforms to ISO 11600-F&G-25LMProduct Code Barcode Colour Size Box Qty3295036/C05 5413278254535 Clear 310ml 12 Product Code Barcode Colour Size Box Qty3295231/C05 5413278254764 White 310ml 123295249/C05 5413278254542 Brown 310ml 12 4134678/Z02 5413278611857 White 310ml 123295257/C05 5413278254559 Black 310ml 12 4134751/Z025413278612038 Clear 310ml 123295265/C05 5413278254573 Grey 310ml 12*F or natural porous surfaces, stain testing should be undertaken prior3295281/C05 5413278254597 Aluminium 310ml 12 to application.DOWSIL 785+DOWSIL 786Sanitary SealantFood-grade Sealant Bacteria-resistant acetoxyMildew-resistant acetoxy silicone sealant silicone sealantA one part, bacteria resistant silicone thatA one part, mildew resistant silicone which provides excellent adhesion to most non- contains a food-grade fungicide and offers porous surfaces including ceramics andexcellent adhesion to a variety of non-porcelain. porous surfaces including ceramics and aluminium. Gloss finishSafe for repeated food contact J oint movement capability +/- 20%F ast cure 1 00% recovery High modulus - Acetoxy cure type Application temperature range Application temperature range+5 to +40C +5 to +40CTack free in 30 minutes Meets US food and drugs administrationRegulation number 21CFR177.2600Product Code Barcode Colour Size Box Qty Product Code Barcode Colour Size Box Qty3279120/C05 5413278248596 White 310ml 122825562/C05 5413278118004 Clear 310ml 123279111/C05 5413278248589 Clear 310ml 122825571/C05 5413278118011 White 310ml 123279601/C05 5033383796012 Jasmine 310ml 123279472/C05 5413278248756 Manhattan310ml 12Grey84 & 85'