b'ACCESSORIES RANGEACCESSORIESDUAL ROLL-OFF BUCKETIdeal for use on larger commercial jobs, our Dual Roll-Off Bucket allows more than one user to load paint at the same time, increasing efficiency & productivity. I ncludes ergonomic soft grip comfort handleSide pour spout for easy decanti ngItem Number Description Capacity Case UPC Code140796018 Bucket 19 Litres 3 716341403218DUAL ROLL-OFF BUCKET LID Easily clips into the Dual Roll-Off Bucket allowing users to store paint in the bucket between coats and over night Saves time on clean up and washing out at the end of each day improving productivityCreates a portable system to move paint and supplies in one tripItem Number Description Case UPC Code14LID6018 Dual Roll Off Bucket Lid 3 71634100909018 PAINT TRAYHigh quality 18 paint trayFits on top of the Dual Roll-Off Bucket Will also double up as lid for dual roll-off bucket Allows a second colour to be used at the same timeIncludes a side pour spout for easy decanting of paintIdeal when working with roller sleeves longer than 9Item Number Description Case UPC Code15T903000 Purdy Dual Roll Off 4 716341008543Bucket Paint Tray 18 InchVisit purdy.co.uk for more information, help and advice'