b'WOODCARECOLRONDANISH OIL SizeColourCodeUnits/ A superior blend of natural oils Case and resins that penetrate the wood500mlNatural345456 to provide an extremely tough,500mlAntique Pine353246 durable and waterproof finish.For use on interior and exterior wood.500mlCanadian Cedar353256 500mlDeep Mahogany353266 500mlGeorgian Medium Oak353276 500mlJacobean Dark Oak353286 FINISHING OIL SizeColourCodeUnits/ A superior blend of resins andCasetung oil which penetrate the wood500mlNatural362136to nourish and feed, giving a low sheen lustre and water resistant finish. Colron Finishing Oil is easy to maintain and produces are durable finish for interior wood.TEAK OIL SizeColourCodeUnits/ The high quality blend of naturalCaseresins and oils, which penetrate500mlNatural345446deep to replace essential oils to prevent drying, warping and splitting in hardwood furniture.For use on exterior wood. BEESWAX SizeColourCodeUnits/ The superior blend of waxesCase nourishes, feeds and protects fine400gAntique Pine345466 interior wood. 400gGeorgian Medium Oak345476 400gJacobean Dark Oak345486 400gClear345506 FINISHING WAX SizeColourCodeUnits/ The superior blend of waxes willCase enhance the natural appearance of the325gClear362156 wood, providing long lasting beauty and protection. LIMING WAX SizeColourCodeUnits/ Case Limed wax finish for interior doorsand furniture. 400gNatural393803Visit colron.co.uk/products/colron-refined-range for more information, help and advice'