b'GARDENDECKCAREULTIMATE PROTECTIONSizeColourCodeUnits/ DECKING PAINT Case Gives decks a new lease of life. 2.5LWarm Stone391641 2.5LChestnut391451Apply straight onto grey, weathered decks 2.5LEnglish Oak391481Fills cracks, locks down splinters 2.5LBramble391421Long lasting colour and protection 2.5LDeep Blue391471Smooths rough surfaces 2.5LWillow 391621 2.5LSlate 391591 2.5LCharcoal 391431 2.5LSage3909815LEnglish Oak 391491 Fills cracks andAll weatherSmooths locks downprotection rough5LChestnut 391461 splinters surfaces5LCharcoal 391441 5LSlate 391601 5LWillow 3916315LSage391031 ULTIMATE FINISHCodeUnits/ DECKING APPLICATOR Case Ronseal Ultimate FinishLess time. Less hassle. The easy route toDecking Pad Kit3912810great looking decking. Ronseal Ultimate FinishDecking Applicator Refill Pads3934910Up to 5x faster than using a brush Cleans and coats your deck Three different angle settings Can be used as a handheld applicator head Reaches into the grooves Works with all Ronseal decking oils, stains and paintsGives a greatReady to Includes 94cm finish use in underextension 1 minute poleVisit ronseal.com for more information, help and advice'