b'THE WORKS THE WORKS PROPRO X High GrabMulti-Use CleanerAdhesive THE WORKS PRO Multi-Use Cleaner is an Our most superior high grab adhesive all purpose spray that works in seconds. formulation ever. Following in theREMOVE. Removes uncured sealant, footsteps of theWorks XXX, wereadhesive, grease, oil, tar and much more.launching our next generation CLEAN. Ideal for cleaning all surfaces before THE WORKS PRO X. Instant grab using THE WORKS PRO or painting. Ideal for and bond, any surface wet or dry, insidecleaning tools and equipment.or out. Ultimate strength adhesion DEGREASE. Ideal for de-greasing all surfaces before using THE WORKS PRO orFast cure relubricating. Paintable FINISH. Ideal for nishing joints sealed withUse in wet or dry THE WORKS PRO to create a smooth joint. For interior or exterior useF ast actingNon-aggressiveSuitable for use on most building materials Leaves no residueProduct Code Barcode Colour Size BoxProduct Code Barcode Size Box Qty Qty6001246/C03 5033383012464 White 290ml 6 6001559/M05 5033383015595 500ml 128 & 9'