b'ContractorContractor is a range of general purpose sealants and foams for general building and construction use.Contractor GPA general purpose silicone sealant that has been specically developed for a variety of construction and sanitary applications where a fungicide is required to prevent mould growth. Easy to tool, it gives good adhesion to common non-porous substrates.General purpose silicone sealantResistant to mildew and mould growthIdeal for a variety of construction applications including sanitary Easy to tool Good adhesion to non-poroussubstratesProduct Code Barcode Colour Size Box Qty5002101 /C04 5033383021015 White 300ml 245002102 /C04 5033383021022 Clear 300ml 245002103 /C04 5033383021039 Brown 300ml 245002104 /C04 5033383021046 Black 300ml 245002105 /C04 5033383021053 Grey 300ml 2422 & 23'