b'Expanding FoamDuPont GreatDuPont Great Stuff ProStuff Pro GunGun Foam Fixer KitFoam Fixer DuPont Great Stuff Pro Gun DuPont Great Stuff Pro Gun FoamFoam Fixer Kit providesFixer is an easy to use, fast cure, low5 x 750ml cans, 1 x Great expansion polyurethane foam, ideal forStuff Pro Gun and 1 x PU xing window and door frames. GreatGun Cleaner in one handy Stuff Pro Window and Door Fixerproject kit.provides a lasting bond in the most Low expansion, fast cure demanding applications. Lasting bond, excellent cellLow expansion, fast cure structure Lasting bond, fine cell structure givesReady to use, high improved insulation and a cleaner cut performance, oneGun application - improves accuracycomponent material with finer bead, less waste and multi session usageProduct Code Barcode Colour Size BoxProduct Code Barcode Box Qty Qty6001123/Z02 5033383011238White 750ml 12 6001128/Z02 0749850015436118 & 19'