b'CONSTRUCTION & SPECIALIST / CLEANERSCleaners Geocel Silicone The Geocel range of cleaners consistsSealant of a glass cleaner and universal wipesRemoverfor everyday use and cleaning areas ofA gel for removing ingrained marks and dirt. As well as aunwanted cured polyurethane gun cleaner and silicone sealant. It is a silicone sealant remover. therefore, ideal for the refurbishment of sanitary ware, door or window frames, worktops etc. It is also suitable for removing cured silicone where product has been misapplied. I deal for refurbishment work or removing areas of misapplied silicone sealant Easy to useProduct Code Barcode Size Box Qty2922223/T07 5011107590351 100ml 6Geocel Universal Cleaning WipesGeocel Universal Wipes THE WORKS PRO are ideal for wiping away Multi-Use Cleaner excess uncured silicone and other sealants as well THE WORKS PRO Multi-Use Cleaner is anas dirt, oil and grease.all purpose spray that works in seconds. S olvent freeREMOVE. Removes uncured sealant,Unique cleaning solutionadhesive, grease, oil, tar and much more. Convenient for use on siteCLEAN. Ideal for cleaning all surfaces before using THE WORKS PRO or painting. Ideal for cleaning tools and equipment.Product Code Barcode Size Box DEGREASE. Ideal for de-greasing allQtysurfaces before using THE WORKS PRO or3282546/Z025413278251114 x150 4relubricating.FINISH. Ideal for nishing joints sealed with THE WORKS PRO to create a smooth joint.Fast acting Non-aggressiveS uitable for use on most building materials Leaves no residueProduct Code Barcode Size Box Qty6001559/M05 5033383015595 500ml 12Visit geocel.co.uk for more information, help and advice'